playing dirty

by - Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hi Guys (and girls), thank you for visiting my blog! I bring you one more ilustration for the collection, i learn a lot about colors with this one, im trying to simplify my process so i can be able to do a comic book in color! That is one of my dreams! So what do you think? it would be very helpful to hear your opinion!

Thanks for step by and to bring your comments!


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5 comentários

  1. Very nice! It only looks as if he were groping into the air (and not leaning on the wall). The lighting and the gradient I find very neat!

  2. Nice! I think the simplified colors are really gorgeous, especially since your line work is stunning! I do agree with Anonymous up there that, with the wall fading so quickly, you don't really get that he's leaning against it at first I think if you put a little more contrast/detail into that part of the wall, the piece would be perfect!

    I have to say, the part I love the most is how much personality of the characters is able to be seen in this picture. PERFECT. :D

  3. Me encanta el coloreado que usaste, tan oscuro y dramatico pero sin perder detalle *_*

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  5. Wow! Me fascinó! Es sumamente erotico! la forma, el dinamismo y el ambiente son perfectos!