Rising from my gay sparkly ashes!

by - Friday, July 07, 2017

Hi guys! How have you been?!

Things has gone crazy in my world these days, well, these years to be more accurate... but anyway, I´m glad that more people keep entering to my blog. It´s surprising to see that people from places very far away from where I live like Russia are keeping up with my blog. To all the Gay Russian Community I sent a big big biiiiig hug! and you are in my prayers people... wishing all the best and things can change for good to all the fantastic gay community in Russia.

It has passed a lot since I don´t post a thing, for you who don´t know me (and I belive is the 90% of the people who visit this blog), my name is Jaxinto and I´m a very proud mexican gay illustrator. My english is not the best, I know... but I decide to try to write in english so people from other countries can understand more about my art and me.

Like I said, I watched my stats and I can see you keep coming to visit me and I´m very happy for all your support. I´ll be working for give you the best of me and my art. And for you that you leave comments I´m so sorry, It was so rude of me to not answear your kindly words, so please forgive me, and please, don´t hesitate to leave me some lines!

With all my love from my mexican gay heart!

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2 comentários

  1. Wow! No esperaba la resurección de este blog....
    Glad to see you back!

    1. Hola Alex! Te digo la verdad? Yo tampoco! Gracias por escribir! espero mantenerme vivo! Saludos.